Fiscal Responsibility

In the current economic climate, and because the proposed plan would be the largest economic project in New Orleans history, any decisions must be fiscally responsible. LSU currently expects their proposal to cost a total of $1.2 billion, however there are indications that number is low, especially when factoring in operational costs. While health care facilities are a worthy investment of taxpayer money, the current LSU/VA proposal ignores the savings that renovating Charity Hospital affords. The LSU/VA proposal does not make use of available preservation grants and unnecessarily spends scarce taxpayer dollars to expropriate private lands and evict tenants. The jobs created by this large economic development project would be delayed under the LSU/VA version as a result of this slow and wasteful land acquisition process. As Governor Jindal has made numerous painful cuts on education and health care spending, that LSU has not provided a model operating budget for once the hospital is completed should raise serious questions.

Below you will find a collection of articles pertaining to the preservation issue:

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Photos obtained by suggest that Charity Hospital was in better condition than LSU and state officials have claimed. The photos, marked with the dates "SEP 25 2005" and "FEB 9 2006", show the state of Charity Hospital after a group of doctors, nurses volunteers and soldiers from the 82nd Airborne cleaned up the hospital in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after, officials from LSU declared the hospital destroyed and unsafe, closing its doors.

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Transcript of Larry Hollier on Garland Robinette show - May 29, 2007

Transcript of Garland Robinette radio show of 5/29/07 with Larry Hollier and "Pat" John Wilson.

Louisiana Commission on Streamlining Government Charity Hospital Recommendations (p. 355-359)

Pages 355-359 of the 1168-page Commission on Streamlining Government recommendations. Recommendation 81 calls for an independent study of hospital alternatives (p. 355-359). Page 359 also includes: “The Louisiana Streamlining Government Commission recommends to the governor and the Louisiana Legislature that the existing but currently unoccupied “Big Charity Hospital” building be rehabilitated and used as a public teaching hospital if the State of Louisiana decides to go forward with its plans to construct such a hospital in New Orleans.”

New CEA between City and State

The new Cooperative Endeavor Agreement by and between City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana through the Division of Administration and Louisiana State University.

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"Where I took my first breath of life" - Musician and Community Leader Gregg Stafford

Gregg Stafford is the beloved New Orleans trumpet player, community leader and co-founder of the Black Men of Labor social aid and pleasure club. Here Mr. Stafford talks about the importance of Charity Hospital in his own life, and the life of his City of New Orleans. Charity is "where I took my first breath of life," he says. "We're trying to rebuild the city and a lot of people need Charity Hospital to reopen." See the full video here.


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"Charity is a central part of the community" - New Orleans Author Tom Piazza

Tom Piazza is the New Orleans-based author of City of Refuge and a writer for the upcoming HBO series Treme. His book Why New Orleans Matters, written immediately after Hurricane Katrina, received the 2006 Humanities Book of the Year Award from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. Here Mr. Piazza speaks from about the importance of Charity Hospital from the porch of a Lower Mid-City home. "Charity is a central part of the community," he says. "New Orleans seems to be based, in large measure, on a respect for and an understanding of the past. If you lose that, you lose a lot of what makes the city what it is." See the full video here.


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