750 former employees gather for a sneak peek of the documentary film Big Charity

On Saturday April 19, 2014, 750 former Charity Hospital doctors, nurses, workers and volunteers attended a screening of the documentary film Big Charity - Co-Produced by Catherine Rierson, Ben Johnson [Composer] and Alex Glustrom [Director/Editor/].  

Please visit the website to see the trailer and learn how to donate to completing the project so that the world can know the Charity Hospital story.

In the words of one former employee featured in the film:
"A lot of people were not allowed to talk about what happened, and this documentary is going to show people exactly what happened and why it's not there any more."

Another former employee states:
"I don't think most people know the truth. I really don't."

The film documents the closure of Charity Hospital.  Readers of this blog will recognize some of the photo footage.  In May of 2009 SaveCharityHospital.com published this post:

Today, Charity Hospital sits empty - awaiting an undetermined fate.

At a time when so many of our critical health needs have been neglected, RESIDENTS have the right to decide what will become of the Reverend Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital.

Different ideas have been discussed for her adaptive reuse but given the documented, overwhelming need for mental health services and facilities in New Orleans, it seems fitting that the building be renovated as a Mental Health Complex.

At a recent Senate hearing in Washington, Senator Dick Durbin stated:  "It's estimated the country has lost 90% of it's public psychiatric beds since the deinstitutionalization movement began."  Consequently, Jails and prisons have become our default mental health institutions.

SaveCharityHospital.com is in discussion with State and City officials and business leaders to advocate for the adaptive reuse of the Charity Hospital Building for the purposes of a mental health complex.  

It's time that the doors of Charity Hospital are opened once again to provide patients with sanctuary and the same love and care that was offered to residents for so many years.

We will be reaching out to our readers and the City at large for your support and suggestions in order to determine how you think the City should use the space appropriately.

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