Breaking news! The State of Louisiana releases an RFI for the redevelopment of Charity Hospital.

Today the Downtown Development District announced in an email to subscribers the news that the State of Louisiana released an RFI for the redevelopment of Charity Hospital.

"The State of Louisiana offers a 25% historic tax credit program that can be coupled with the 20% federal historic tax credit program and other development incentives."…

Here is one proposal synopsis that briefly describes reusing the abandoned Building for the purposes of mental heath care and research. The idea is to create a one stop shop for residents suffering with untreated mental illness whose only current alternatives are incarceration, homelessness and death. The savings to the State - economic as well as humanitarian - for such a project would be tremendous.

Miami-Dade County in Florida have a similar project that has dramatically reduced incarceration and improved the health of residents. 


"That means construction crews by early next year could begin retrofitting a sprawling, shuttered hospital on Northwest Seventh Avenue slated to become a “one-stop shop” rehabilitation facility. It will include a crisis unit for unstable patients, short-term housing, a courtroom and therapeutic efforts such as space for a culinary classes.


“It shouldn’t have taken this long to get this facility open,” said Miami-Dade County Judge Steve Leifman, who has spearheaded planning for the facility. “Countless people have died waiting for this building to open.”

Advocates say a comprehensive facility is critical for a county where thousands of people, particularly the homeless, suffer from acute mental illnesses and are constantly jailed and then released onto the streets with little treatment."

Any organization involved with finding solutions to the systemic problems of the broken mental health system, homelessness, stigma and the lack of workforce resources for people with mental illness; as well as entities involved with neurological and mental health research may be interested in the attached MoU.

Stay tuned for much more to come!