Has Obama been swindled?

This article popped up in the news today.

Regarding Charity, there are many glaring inaccuracies.

The article states that: "Damage from Katrina closed Charity Hospital "

The article states: "The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimated that repairing the structure would cost $23.9 million, but the university countered that it would cost $257 million. This led the university to propose building a new facility rather than renovating the old one."

In fact, LSU wanted $476 million dollars because, they claimed, Charity was more than 51% damaged.
Charity was NOT more than 51% damaged.

FEMA was correct in not offering the half billion LSU wanted for the lower midcity hospital. The hospital was cleaned out and ready to open in September of 2005 as evidenced by photos on our website and testimony from medical and military staff who were in the hospital at the time and cleaned it out. 

Roberta Gratz' does a terrific job outlining this injustice in her Nation article - Why Was New Orleans's Charity Hospital Allowed to Die?

Charity Hospital appeared trashed sometime after that to make it look 51% damaged in the photos and videos LSU used to support their claim.

Mary Landrieu set up the arbitration panel that potentially defrauded the federal government out of half a billion dollars by disallowing witnesses for State FEMA from testifying at the hearing. Flights to fly in witnesses were deamed too costly and offers from advocates to reopen Charity Hospital to fly them in were refused.

Tax payers and the Federal Government spent this enormous amount of money so that LSU could demolish an historic neighborhood in the name of building a public hospital that was to restore full services and programs that Big Charity offered.
Pre-arbitration, LSU had all the money they needed in State Capital outlay dollars and the original offer from FEMA to fully gut and reopen the original 1939 art deco historic building.

Today, the State can not show that the new UMC academic medical building, now under construction, has a commitment for full funding. The hospital has been leased to the Louisiana Children's Medical Center corporation [LCMC] who will operate it while LSU will create private/public partnerships with other private hospitals and institutions to house their patients.  Residents will follow the patients for training.  The LCMC will become sole member of the supposedly public UMC Board.  

This calls into question why the new UMC academic medical center is being built at all and whether or not it's new purpose - that could ostensibly mean it will house a private hospital - is permitted under the eminent domain laws used to take hundreds of properties, many of them historic homes that were rebuild by their loving occupants after Katrina with road home money.

Will  these injustices go forever unnoticed by the Federal Government and tax payers who may have been robbed?

There are so many questions.