Update: Civil Service Commission votes no on Charity Hospital layoffs!

At the State Civil Service Commission today - Wednesday June 5, 2013, commissioners voted against the Governor's privatization plans for 4 of  9 Charity Hospitals across Louisiana that would have prompted the layoffs of about 3000 employees.  [See the original notice below].  In a 4 to 3 vote, commissioners bucked the rush to privatize, citing concerns with LSU's lack of transparency in providing complete information in order for them to arrive at a just and fair decision.

No sooner had the vote passed when the State Civil Service released a circular calling for a special meeting to reconsider the vote opposing the incomplete cooperative endevour agreements for privatization.

Dr. Michael Kaiser, chief executive officer of the LSU Health Care Services Division stated that teh cooperative endevor agreements will be provided at the next meeting.  If they can be provided at the next meeting, why were they not provided today?  

Stay tuned for more details about today's proceedings and actions you can take to protect equitable and affordable access to healthcare in Louisiana!


Save Charity Hospital would like to bring the following event to your attention.



First, LSU, DHH and the Jindal administration sought the layoffs of workers of Baton Rouge’s Charity hospital, the

Earl K. Long Medical Center



Leonard J. Chabert Regional Medical Center – Houma
University Medical Center – Lafayette
W.O. Moss Regional Medical Center – Lake Charles
LSU Interim Hospital – New Orleans

Capitalizing on a Federal Medical Assistance Percentage rate cut, the Jindal administration has sought to dismantle Louisiana’s Charity hospitals. Thousands of State Civil Service employees face layoff and the loss of earned benefits – even with the admission that it will CO$T HUNDREDS OF MILLION$ MORE to provide vital safety net health services thru privatization.

Stand in Solidarity with Public Health Workers!

Defend Louisiana’s Public Option – The Charity Hospital system!

Attend the State Civil Service Commission General Business Meeting

Wednesday June 5, 2013 at 9:00am

(Please arrive by 8:30am for public comment registration)

Louisiana Purchase Room / Claiborne Building / 1201 N. 3rd St. Baton Rouge

Link to members of the Louisiana State Civil Service Commission.

Contact them and say NO to privatization and the layoffs!

More information:

ADVOCATES FOR LOUISIANA PUBLIC HEALTHCARE: PO BOX 71221, NEW ORLEANS 70172 (504) 269-4951 /http://www.defendlapublichealthcare.wordpress.com

Download the Stand in Solidarity with Public Health Workers flyer HERE.