UMC Board to meet Thursday, April 12 2012

The UMC Board are set to hold their monthly meeting tomorrow at 1PM.  

On the agenda is a presentation by the VA hospital.

Perhaps we will finally learn how construction on the UMC Hospital got so far out ahead of Construction on the VA.

At the last meeting,  Kaufman Hall and Associates gave a presentation on the status and feasibility of Academic Medical Centers.  As AMCs no longer generate enough revenue to sustain themselves, it was revealed that AMCs are partnering with otherwise unsuspecting organizations to take unfeasible programs off their hands.  Organizations such as insurance companies and for profit clinics operated by the Catholic Church.

Dr. Bronson Lutz, former city health director and medical columnist for New Orleans magazine had some VERY interesting comments to make about the looming disaster facing the new UMC Academic Medical Center on WYES Informed Sources last week. Unlike many of the talking heads that parrot information, Dr. Lutz really does seem to be informed and to be able to reason.

He pointed out that doctors are not being reimbursed by the insurance companies that scooped up state government dollars resulting from Governor Jindal's privatization of the medicaid system.  [The Charity Hospital system is heavily reliant on these dollars as the new hospital struggles to build a hospital catering to privately insured patients.]

Responding to future watch reporter Dawn Ostrom's claim that the new 424 bed hospital will open in the spring of 2015, Dr. Lutz said - "why do you think every doctor I know in town rolls their eyes whenever this project is mentioned?"  Time note is 13:33.

A few of the reasons that has also pointed out numerous times are:

  • Over-saturation of patient beds
  • LSU's yearly cuts to their budget for the medical school
  • Difficulty in repatriating doctors and patients 
  • Cultural of care barriers to making the new hospital a destination hospital to compete with hospitals such as M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX
  • Birmingham's medical center was successful because it began in a centralized area and grew outward as necessary rather than tearing down a whole city and building a Taj-Ma-Hal.

The existing Charity Hospital building and the Historic Downtown Medical District is New Orleans' centralized area that LSU needs to build off of.  It was and still is the most cost effective solution. 

It is refreshing to see that is now not alone in reporting the facts as they are - not as some would have them to be. 


NOTE: Thursday's meeting will be held in a NEW LOCATION.

Louisiana Cancer Research Center, 1700 Tulane Avenue, First Floor Conference Room.
Notice and Agenda Attached.
Rules for public comment are as follows:


"Public comments may be made (1) when they relate to a matter on the agenda; and (2) when
individuals desiring to make public comments have registered at least one-half hour prior to
the meeting. The comment period is limited to one-half hour; 3 minutes per speaker. Written
comment may also be submitted at any time."



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