Tomorrow, after 4 consecutive months, the UMC board will finally hold a board meeting


The UMC Board sent out a notice and agenda that they will be meeting at 1:00PM - Thursday, March 1, 2012  at the lnterim LSU Public Hospital - 2021 Perdido Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana in Room 101/102

On the agenda [attached] is the following item:
1.Approval of amendment to the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Division of Administration.
There is a CEA with the Division of Administration?  Who knew?  What else has this public entity been doing for the last 4 months out of the public eye?
There are many questions. 
For instance - to make up the lack of the 1.1B dollars to construct the new hospital:
  • Did Facility Planning and Control procure the FEMA dollars that we were assured were in the bag for the contents of Charity Hospital?
  • Did the UMC board enter into a contractual agreement with the LSU Physicians Foundation guaranteeing the 132M dollars for the ambulatory care center and a parking garage?

Other questions:

  • Why were transmission towers - moved to the perimeter of the UMC site - placed above ground when they were supposed to be buried which would have made the State-Of-The-Art Hospital we were promised, and that we deserve, aesthetically pleasing?
  • Why were we told that the purpose for the new UMC academic medical center was to build a medical city within the city so that students would not have to leave the campus to attend to their respective programs?  Now they are outsourcing programs and jobs. What was the purpose of taking down a neighborhood to centralize a campus? Now if a student is to learn the basics of delivering a baby, it won’t be at the UMC.  Are they outsourcing students with those programs too?
  • Why did Facility Planning and Control ask for a capital outlay change order at the February 9, 2012 Legislative Joint Budget Committee Hearing that would net the UMC an additional 1.5M dollars for asbestos removal from the windows of the Palace Hotel.  Didn't the UMC promise the State that the business plan they presented last September would guarantee they would never have to knock on the Joint Budget Committee's door for more money?
  • What does the State want with Nanny Goat Park - a triangular parcel (known as Tulane Place, Nanny Goat Park, and/or Billy Goat Park) in the 1st M.D., bounded by Tulane Avenue and Banks, S. Galvez , and S. Johnson Streets. Don't they have enough vacant Green Space already?
Hopefully, these questions and many more will be answered on Thursday.  Anyone may make a public comment.   According to UMC Board rules:
Public comments may be made (1) when they relate to a matter on the agenda; and (2) when individuals desiring to make public comments have registered at least one-half hour prior to the meeting. The comment period is limited to one-half hour; 3 minutes per speaker. Written comment may also be submitted at any time.



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