Times-Picayune: "Tulane chief has questions about new hospital"

Re: " Unhealthy attitude infects LSU," Other Opinions, Times Picayune, March 20.

James Gill raised provocative questions and issues in his column. I believe it is constructive and healthy, especially in this rapidly changing health care and economic environment, for us to continue to discuss several questions critical to the future success of a new hospital and our community.

These questions are:
-- Given the current health care reform movement, do we remain comfortable that the proposed hospital meets the medical needs of our wider community and its citizens, especially those who are under- or uninsured?
-- Do we have sufficient funds to build and operate the hospital without it being a drain on the state's future resources, especially in these economic times?
-- How can any new facility best meet the educational, research and clinical care needs of the institutions that rely on it to support and advance their academic missions? Some of these institutions include Xavier, LSU, Dillard and Tulane.
-- Given the importance and wide impact of this hospital to our community, who should own, govern and manage it to ensure that the proposed facility meets the needs of its various stakeholders while being operated in the most cost effective, efficient and transparent manner?

These questions need to be continually and openly discussed with appropriate information at our disposal to ensure that we create a high quality, financially sustainable hospital that meets the needs of those we most care about: the citizens of our community.

Scott Cowen
President Tulane University
New Orleans

Original Article: "Tulane chief has questions about new hospital"
Tuesday, March 24, 2009