Save the Date: Treasurer Kennedy Invites Public Comment on the UMC

Treasurer Kennedy is coming to town.

This is your chance, as a member of the public, to sound off on the proposed UMC hospital.  Bring your suggestions, your questions, and make sure you voice is heard.  Call for the state to do the right thing - and reopen Charity Hospital as a brand new facility within the shell of the existing and historic Charity Hospital building.

Treasurer Kennedy has consistently questioned the wisdom, in a fiscal sense, of building a new medical center in Lower Mid-City.  And now, more than ever, we need a dose of this realistic viewpoint before the state commits itself to a crippling mistake.

Here are the details:

Treasurer Kennedy Discussion on the Fiscal Realities of the UMC Hospital Project

July 26, 2011

6:30 p.m.

Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street

New Orleans, Louisiana

We encourage folks in New Orleans East who are concerned about Methodist Hospital to attend and find out how the unnecessary expenditures on the UMC affect the likelihood of financing for a hospital in the East.

We encourage anyone concerned about the risk of a true fiscal boondoggle to attend.  Despite all the talk about the project moving forward, there are some very real risks that have not been addressed, specifically on the financing and operation costs.

We urge anyone concerned about mental healthcare facilities in New Orleans to attend as well.  You'll recall that a study by Blitch Knevel Architects, on behalf of the State of Louisiana, said that part of Charity could be renovated to provide the area with a stand-alone mental healthcare facility.  The state's own study says this.

Finally, we urge any community members to attend who are concerned about the precedent set by the disastrous treatment of the Lower Mid-City neighborhood by the city, state, and federal government.  New Orleans neighborhoods should not stand for the utter disregard, disrespect, and outright hostility toward their residents.  And the state and city governments, should not bowl over and hang their own residents out to dry when they start to see dollar signs before their eyes.

Come on out on Tuesday night.  The current UMC push jeopardizes the return of a hospital to New Orleans because it is so irresponsible.  We are strongly in support of the event on Tuesday night because we view it as a way to help ensure the success of a world class institution that is sustainable and right for the city and the state.  For this to happen, all options and alternatives must be considered, including the Charity Hospital option.