Press Release: Advocates Request that Kaufman Hall Associates review the FHL/RMJM Hillier Report


June 16, 2011
For further information contact:
Sandra Stokes, (225) 445-3800
Bill Borah (504) 432-8413

Re:  Request that Kaufman Hall Associates review the
FHL/RMJM Hillier Report

With all the financial uncertainties that have been exposed by the recent independent studies
on the economic viability of the proposed new University Medical Center in New Orleans, it is
the responsible course of action for Governor Jindal to finally allow exploration and analysis
of all options. We hope to take the governor at his word that “the (UMC) board shouldn't be
limited by anything LSU has done. Their job is not just to kick the tires, but to be an
independent body” – and that they will fairly examine all fiscally responsible alternatives.

This includes having the nationally respected consulting firm of Kaufman Hall and Associates
examine and analyze the $600,000 legislatively-charged feasibility study by the Foundation
for Historical Louisiana and RMJM Hillier architects – a study that found that a new state-ofthe-
art 21st century medical center could be placed inside the shell of Charity hospital and
that it could be done faster and cheaper than building the new facility LSU has proposed.

“In the post-Katrina era,” says FHL spokesperson Sandra Stokes, “it is time to move from
politics to planning as the basis for shaping the future. By reviewing the findings of the RMJM
Hillier report, Kaufman Hall will be able to determine whether the landmark hospital can be
reused to best serve the health care, medical education and economic development needs of
the city as a transformative, 21st century, state-of-the-art academic medical center.”

The following organizations want the best academic medical center that the state can afford
to build, operate, and sustain. An objective analysis of the RMJM Hillier report, we suggest, is
the responsible way to achieve this worthy goal.

Foundation for Historical Louisiana

Smart Growth for Louisiana

Louisiana Landmarks Society

Mid-City Neighborhood Association

Lafayette Square Association

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