National Media Piles On

Since our last post, a number of national media outlets have turned their attention to the harsh realities of the LSU/VA Hospitals site - the consequences of not re-using Charity Hospital.

Here's a compilation of links to articles that have come out in the past three days:

"I don't want to go back to New Orleans since they took my house," he said. "I hate it. - Wally Thurman"
"one of the most controversial urban-planning projects in New Orleans since hurricane Katrina."
"But while the wrecking ball is swinging, the project is $400 million short on financing, according to Louisiana's own projections"


- Newsweek

Follow the links and comment on the articles.  Specifically, make sure that readers understand that it was not Hurricane Katrina that closed Charity Hospital five years ago, but the State of Louisiana instead.