Growing Scrutiny of the LSU/VA Hospitals Site

Various media sources and oversight bodies at the local, national and even international level have been demonstrating an increased focus on the destruction of Lower Mid-City as of late.

In the December 6, 2010 edition of Newsweek magazine, author Jeff Benedict writes about the regrettable decision to continue using eminent domain in the site of the proposed University Medical Center - despite the lack of funding.  A scanned version of the article can be found attached below.

Closer to home, the Times-Picayune provided an extensive article on the front page of today's Sunday paper that discussed, among other things, the impact of the property records computer crash at Civil District Court.  The article highlights the increased difficulty of acquiring the properties in the UMC Footprint - and the lengthening timeline for anticipated completion of the overall LSU/VA projects.  It begs the question: why didn't we simply reuse Charity Hospital at the outset and avoid the many problems that have since emerged with the alternate site?

On a more global level, the U.N. Advisory Group on Forced Evictions has released its report on human rights violations in New Orleans, using some choice words to describe the travails of residents in Lower Mid-City.  We reported on the Advisory Group when it visited the Lower Mid-City neighborhood back in 2008.

The growing focus on the neighborhood's fate is long overdue. 

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