Calling all Charity Hospital babies!

Attention all Charity Hospital babies, patients, doctors, nurses, staff, supporters and allies:

We need your help!

The next month is more than a series of frustrating fourth anniversaries - of the federal levee failure, of the evacuation of Charity Hospital, of the illegal decision to close Charity after it was decontaminated and ready to serve - it represents our best chance to act.

The forces that favor a destructive and expensive medical campus are huddling behind closed doors to push forward with their backward, Bush-era proposal.

It's more of the same.

But it doesn't have to be.

The days of secretive, legally ambiguous, disingenuous, and unjust governance must come to an end. On no singular issue has the disrespect and hubris of our elected officials been more obvious than the case of Charity Hospital.

New Orleans residents from every section of the city and from every race are coming together to demand that Charity Hospital be renewed and reopened because New Orleanians are tired of public officials acting on behalf of private interests. When neighborhoods like Lower Mid-City are simply offered on a platter for wholesale expropriation and demolition to make way for a development that's fifty percent parking lot and twenty-five percent funded, people tend to notice.

Yet for our out-of-touch elected officials to take notice of the people, we'll need to hit the streets.

There will be a second line parade on Monday, August 31st to exhibit public support for the plan to gut and rebuild Charity Hospital that is faster, less expensive and less destructive than the proposed medical complexes for Lower Mid-City.

The second line will start at Charity Hospital, 1532 Tulane Street, at 6:00p.m. sharp. The Rebirth Brass Band and the Hot 8 Brass Band will lead the second line for about one hour around the footprint of the proposed LSU medical center in Lower Mid-City, marching up Tulane Avenue, turning right on South Galvez Street, right on Canal Street, and right on South Robertson to end with a rally in front of Charity Hospital.

The second line is sponsored by, the Social Aid & Pleasure Club Task Force, and the Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital. Our goal is to force City Council to hold open and transparent public hearings on the hospital controversy, and an independent analysis comparing the two hospital proposals.

This is not about mourning the wrongs of 2005. This is about correcting them.

Get your parasol umbrella, your handkerchief, your stethoscope, your scrubs.

Get your trumpet, your tuba, your hospital gown, your gauze.

We're doing a New Orleans street surgery on the evening of Monday August 31st at 6PM sharp.

Take out the bad plan that destroys a neighborhood, costs billions of dollars, and which has forced us to live without decent medical care for four long years.

Put in the good plan that saves Lower Mid-City, saves money, and which can restore world-class medical care sooner.

We'll see you on Monday. Don't forget.