Photos obtained by suggest that Charity Hospital was in better condition than LSU and state officials have claimed. The photos, marked with the dates "SEP 25 2005" and "FEB 9 2006", show the state of Charity Hospital after a group of doctors, nurses volunteers and soldiers from the 82nd Airborne cleaned up the hospital in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina. Shortly after, officials from LSU declared the hospital destroyed and unsafe, closing its doors.

Louisiana officials have long insisted that Charity Hospital suffered more than 50 percent "storm-related damge" and, as a result, the federal government owes the full replacement cost for a new hospital, currently being considered for 16 blocks of a historic Lower Mid-City neighborhood. Four weeks ago, state officials filed a 50-page appeal in hopes to reverse the Federal Emergency Management Agency's December ruling that Charity Hospital suffered $121 million in "storm-related damage" and offered $150 million to settle the claim.

State officials claim they are owed $492 million which would cover just over a third of the proposed $1.2 billion cost for building a new hospital on the Lower Mid-City site.

The LSU Medical Center website recently published a video, entitled "Loss of Charity: What Hurricane Katrina did to Charity Hospital" that highlights the apparent destruction of the hospital. The contrast of the LSU video with the images obtained by could not be more severe:


Closeup photos of Charity Hospital marked "SEP 21 2005":

First floor Emergency Room, Charity Hospital, Sept 21, 2005

First floor Charity Hospital Accident Room, Sept. 21, 2005
(Notice the bed clothes nicely folded on the pillow)


Closeup photos of Charity Hospital marked "FEB 9 2006":