Back into Charity - Back on the Table

We've been saying it for years: LSU and the State of Louisiana should locate its teaching hospital in historic Charity Hospital.
While some people and powers have tried vigorously to push that idea off the table, we saw today that events have driven the idea back onto the table.  In this morning's Times-Picayune, columnist James Gill addressed the ongoing failure to procure adequate funding for the UMC Hospital meant to replace Charity in Lower Mid-City.  He presented this great quote:

"Preservation groups have been arguing for years that an up-to-the-minute hospital could easily be accommodated within the shell of Charity for much less money than is required to build anew. That proposition was never accepted by state, city or LSU officials, and it would in any case be a little awkward to resurrect Charity after pocketing $475 million with tales of its utter ruin. Still, it would be prudent to have a plan in case HUD decides we are too great a risk and junk bonds won't work."

It would be awkward.  That's what happens when the state government insists doggedly on doing the wrong thing - and then gets proven wrong in a big way.
But as awkward as it might be, we would welcome a statement from the State of Louisiana saying the University Medical Center will be re-constituted in the existing Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital instead of Lower Mid-City.