Author of BioDistrict legislation to hold town hall meetings this week

Senator Karen Carter Peterson is hosting 4 town hall meetings in New Orleans this week. [More information below]

At yesterday's meeting in the Irish Channel, a participant asked representatives from the State Department of Health and Human Services, if their agency has any kind of oversight over the BioDistrict.  The representative for the state replied that she had never heard of the BioDistrict. 

Senator Peterson offered to answer the question as she is the person who, in 2005, authored the legislation designating the boundaries of the Greater New Orleans BioSciences Economic Development District [GNOBEDD].  The act recognizes the 1500 square foot area bounded by Earhart Boulevard, Carrollton Avenue, Loyola Avenue, and Iberville Street. 

Unfortunately, the person who asked the question left before an answer was given but that the representative from DHH had not heard of the BioDistrict is an affirmation of what we have been saying for the last six months regarding the dismal outreach to the community about one of the largest economic development projects in the history of New Orleans.  Hardly anyone has heard about it.

If you have been following our blogs and share our concerns about the BioDistrict, please consider attending one or more of the following remaining meetings: ***[Note: the Broadmoor meeting is the closest location to the BioDistrict]

Central City
Date: March 15th
Location: Dryades YMCA, 1746 Jackson Avenue
Time: 5:30pm

Date: March 16th
Location: Andrew Wilson School, 3617 General Pershing
Time: 6:00pm

Date: March 17th
Location: St. Matthews, 1337 S. Carrollton Avenue
Time: 6:00pm

District 5 Town Hall Meeting with Senator Karen Carter Peterson: Central City

Event Description

District 5 Town Halls


– Senator Peterson will host a series of neighborhood town halls to solicit comments and concerns from her constituents prior to the legislative sessions this spring. The town halls will take place across the Senator’s district, from Central City to Carrollton, and will provide a forum for New Orleanians to speak out on their priorities in the coming sessions. Senator Peterson has also invited representatives from several state agencies, including Revenue, Education, Insurance and Health and Hospitals to attend and answer questions. Representatives from Council Districts and State Representatives’ offices have also been invited.


“Our state faces serious challenges that will affect us all, so before I speak as our voice in Baton Rouge, I want to hear yours. That’s why I am hosting several town halls during the week of March 14th in neighborhoods all over Senate District 5. Representing District 5 begins with listening to my constituents and their concerns.”



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