An "all options" study without Charity Hospital IS NOT an "all options study"!

The UMC board are set to meet on Thursday afternoon at 1:00PM to hear a presentation by Vérité Consultants on the long awaited “business plan”.  [See the attached agenda for details]  

Will Vérité demonstrate that it has considered the retrofit of Rev. Avery C. Alexander Charity Hospital as an option? 

Sign The Petiton

You’ll recall that Governor Bobby Jindal told the UMC Board to consider “all options” when it looked at making the best decision for reconstituting a medical facility.  

Here’s the bottom line: if the presentation on Thursday does not show that Vérité actually considered the Charity retrofit option in full, then the UMC Board did not heed the Governor’s order.  And if the Governor suddenly says he never meant for Charity to be included, somehow, in “all options,” then it was all a lie to begin with. 

The Governor suddenly appeared on television recently, stating that the proposed UMC Hospital will be built for $900 million dollars - $300 million less than the $1.2 billion we were told was absolutely necessary all along.  As usual, no supporting evidence was noted in his vacuous statement.  We are simply supposed to trust his assurances that this is a done deal.....again.  We are reminded of similar assurances by the Governor that the UMC Hospital had to be built in it's proposed location because of synergy between the VA and UMC hospitals.  An article written just two weeks ago finally put that falsehood to rest.

The Governor is also saying that the facility will not require any debt and would not sacrifice services or technology.  We’re eager to hear how this is possible – because it conflicts with the actions and rhetoric of the state that we’ve seen for years. 

Once again, it seems the state is dealing in continued, slippery rationalizations rather than dealing with facts.

Meanwhile, the city’s healthcare is being held hostage by the state’s needless games.  Charity Hospital could have been rebuilt by now.  But greed got in the way – and is still choking off common sense on this issue.

If the Charity option has not been given a full and thorough consideration by the UMC Board, then the people of Louisiana and New Orleans still have not been given their due.  We must demand that all options are considered – to accept anything less would be a mistake we will have to live with for decades. 

The Board has a duty to do what is best for the citizens of the state.  Clinging to one option – LSU’s option – is shady and short-sighted.

Sign the petition.  Call upon the UMC Board, the Governor, Commissioner Rainwater and LA State Senators and Representatives to hold them accountable.  Demand that all options, including Charity, must be in the mix if the process is going to be fair.

Do like DR. John says and sign the petiton!