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LSU Foundation Killed Charity Hospital and Now Controls its Adaptive Reuse

The "Charity Advisory Services Panel Report Presentation" is out and LSU is racing forward with an...

Planning 10-Nov-17
"Replacement" Hospital for Big Charity Opens

Well, ten years later, here it is.

Planning 1-Aug-15
Breaking news! The State of Louisiana releases an RFI for the redevelopment of Charity Hospital.


Planning 2-Apr-15
Adaptive Reuse Proposal Synopsis for Charity Hospital

After several meetings with healthcare and justice advocates, proposes that the million...

Planning 28-Aug-14
Charity Hospital Will Be ...............

On Wednesday June 11,  Planning

750 former employees gather for a sneak peek of the documentary film Big Charity

On Saturday April 19, 2014, 750 former...

Racial & Economic Justice 30-Apr-14
Updated: 2014 City Wide Election: Where do the Candidates Stand?

Big Charity was - and still is...

Planning 29-Apr-14
2014 City Wide Election: Where do the Candidates Stand?

The next couple of weeks will be very important in determining the fate of Big Charity. She was - and still is -...

Health Care 14-Jan-14
The Lens Publishes RESIDENTS Ideas for Adaptive Reuse of Charity Hospital

Today, as part of The Lens series soliciting resident's...

Planning 1-Nov-13
Why Charity for a Civic Center when Judges emphatically said no?


Letter shows Mayor Landrieu endorsed building a new courthouse on Duncan Plaza

As reported by last week - and as Planning

Updated: Charity Hospital Plans: Top Secret?

Much information has been revealed lately about Planning

And the elephant is pushed down the road once again. State Civil Service Commission vote to approve privatizations

Fiscal Responsibility

Action! Tell the State Civil Service Commission not to reconsider their vote against Charity worker layoffs.

Racial & Economic Justice

Update: Civil Service Commission votes no on Charity Hospital layoffs!

At the State Civil Service Commission today - Wednesday June 5, 2013, Racial & Economic Justice

Has Obama been swindled?
Racial & Economic Justice
Jindal killed the sacred cow‏

On Monday December 10, 2012 Bobby Jindal effectively put a fork in the sacred cow - known as the Charity Hospital...

Racial & Economic Justice 12-Dec-12
Flying Without A Safety Net Means People Will Die‏

LSU's Decision to cut the charity out of the 7 Charity Hospitals in Southern Louisiana, instigated at the...

Health Care 21-Oct-12
Taj-Ma-Hospital Construction Motors On. But Why Bother?‏

 LSU's Taj-Ma-Hospital is looking more and more like Taj-Ma-Impossible these...

Planning 6-Oct-12
Plans Plans Plans.... “LSU Needs Some Time To Develop A Plan".‏

The title quote is taken from an article in...

Planning 16-Aug-12
Palas Hotel will implode July 22

Reporting on the University Medical Center Board meeting yesterday.

Health Care 8-Jun-12
What do administrators of the new VA hospital know that we don't?

There were some interesting developments at the UMC Board meeting last Thursday April 12, 2012.

Planning 19-Apr-12
UMC Board to meet Thursday, April 12 2012

The UMC Board are set to hold their monthly meeting tomorrow at 1PM.  

Planning 11-Apr-12
LSU's programmatic requirements shrink as it seeks to grab more land‏

Last week, a little noticed item appeared on the March 13, 2012 Property Rights


  Racial & Economic Justice

Tomorrow, after 4 consecutive months, the UMC board will finally hold a board meeting


Fiscal Responsibility 29-Feb-12
Video: UMC Board finally gets the business plan - THEY WANT - passed

The UMC Board were in Baton Rouge on Friday, September 16th to present a business...

Fiscal Responsibility 17-Sep-11
A business plan full of holes. Sign the petition!

Fiscal Responsibility

An "all options" study without Charity Hospital IS NOT an "all options study"!

The UMC board are set to meet on Thursday afternoon at 1:00PM to hear a presentation by Vérité...

Racial & Economic Justice 3-Sep-11
VIDEO : Dr. John says: Bring back Charity Hospital!

Dr. John says...

Racial & Economic Justice 27-Aug-11
Now more than ever, the UMC Board needs to hear your voice - in support of Charity

 What’s more embarrassing?

Racial & Economic Justice 25-Aug-11
You CAN Make A Difference - Sign The New Petition!

Fiscal Responsibility

Poof...UMC Board cancels monthly meeting. Again.

The UMC Board has, rather suspiciously, cancelled its monthly meeting scheduled for tomorrow, August 4, 2011.

Transparency 3-Aug-11
Tell the UMC Board to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on a boondoggle, along with 26 other community organizations, sponsored a great event on Tuesday evening...

Planning 28-Jul-11
Save the Date: Treasurer Kennedy Invites Public Comment on the UMC

Treasurer Kennedy is coming to town.

Fiscal Responsibility 22-Jul-11
State Treasurer Kennedy tackling UMC financing in New Orleans

Unless $400 million materializes out of thin air in the next 10 days, the UMC is still, Fiscal Responsibility

UMC Board meets tomorrow: Call for full consideration of the Charity Hospital option!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13, the UMC Board will hold its monthly meeting at 1:00 p.m. in the basement of the LSU...

Planning 12-Jul-11
UMC rocked by more uncertainty - Board pulls HUD application

Wow.  The UMC Board pulled its pre-application for HUD mortgage insurance - a federal government guarantee that...

Fiscal Responsibility 8-Jul-11
Propaganda machines - running in high gear

Since the presentation of the Kaufman-Hall report, very little has changed regarding the proposed UMC hospital in...

Health Care 26-Jun-11
Beyond HCR-59 - the Fight Continues

HCR-59 was defeated today in the House.  Strangely, it was defeated after several amendments to the resolution...

Fiscal Responsibility 22-Jun-11
Press Release: Advocates Request that Kaufman Hall Associates review the FHL/RMJM Hillier Report


Planning 16-Jun-11
No, Charity is Not Off the Table

Why are several key figures saying that rebuilding a healthcare facility inside the existing Charity Hospital is &...

Fiscal Responsibility 16-Jun-11
UMC a "Done Deal"? Not After Today

Today, a resolution that requires the full Lousiana legislature to approve the business and plan and financing for...

Fiscal Responsibility 14-Jun-11
BREAKING NEWS---- UMC Plans Face Serious Opposition as Vitter, Kennedy, and Tucker Pitch Alternative

Senator David Vitter, House Speaker Jim Tucker, Treasurer John Kennedy and state leaders sent a letter today -...

Planning 9-Jun-11
UMC - City Council Caves, Financial Uncertainty Rages On

Two big things happened in the past week.

Fiscal Responsibility 4-Jun-11
Get Ready: A “Revised” Kaufman-Hall Report is likely coming soon

On Thursday, the UMC Board meets at 1 p.m. deep in the bowels of the LSU Medical School complex.

Fiscal Responsibility 31-May-11
A Bucket of Bravado
That's what Jerry Jones with the Office of...
Fiscal Responsibility 27-May-11
Behind the Veil: UMC backers move into damage control mode

 In a email to his fellow members, a state legislator apparently had this to say yesterday as he and supporters...

Transparency 24-May-11
State Legislators Serve A Blow To Taj-Ma-Hospital Plan Fiscal Responsibility 24-May-11
Same Message, Bigger Megaphone

In recent weeks, the chorus of skepticism and opposition to the state's proposed UMC "Taj Ma Hospital" has...

Fiscal Responsibility 14-May-11
Action Steps - Act Now!

Below are a number of key developments that have transpired lately - and some action steps that you can take to help...

Racial & Economic Justice 9-May-11
UMC Board tells its financial analysts: "Redo The Figures"

While Mayor Landrieu and Governor Jindal continue to push to contort New Orleans into a medical city befitting...

Fiscal Responsibility 30-Apr-11
Why Was New Orleans's Charity Hospital Allowed to Die?

The national article authored by Roberta Gratz that appears in The Nation this week summarizes many of the issues...

Racial & Economic Justice 29-Apr-11
UMC "Groundbreaking" today: The fiscal irresponsibility continues

What do you do when your full hospital financing just won't materialize?

Fiscal Responsibility 19-Apr-11
BioDistrict Issue Heats Up

SaveCharityHospital has always taken a keen interest in GNOBEDD, also known as BioDistrict New Orleans. ...

Planning 13-Apr-11
The illusion of momentum: state sets premature "groundbreaking" ceremony for UMC hospital

Bobby Jindal and company, aided and abetted by local media figures, would have you believe that all is well with the...

Transparency 4-Apr-11
Author of BioDistrict legislation to hold town hall meetings this week

Senator Karen Carter Peterson is hosting 4 town hall meetings in New Orleans this week. [More information below]

Planning 15-Mar-11
Waking up and smelling the devastation

Unfortunately, it took the complete razing of a neighborhood for the national media to begin paying serious...

Planning 14-Dec-10
Why were demolitions underway today in the UMC Footprint?

It was our understanding, according to an article in yesterday's Times-Picayune ( Planning

Utilizing Lessons Learned: Concerns for the UMC Footprint

Lately, the VA Hospital Footprint is growing increasingly bleak as more and more homes are demolished and moved...

Planning 18-Nov-10
Mayor Landrieu Meets with Save Charity Advocates at City Hall, Accepts Over 10,000 Petitions

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu met with a delegation of concerned citizens today at City Hall to accept over 10,...

Transparency 19-Oct-10
Urgent: Call for a moratorium on demolitions in the LSU/VA Footprint

Given the continuing uncertainty surrounding the financing for the proposed University Medical Center (UMC) in Lower...

Transparency 4-Oct-10
State awarded $475 million, yet still cannot proceed with new hospital


Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 27-Jan-10
Editorial boards take notice: Charity a State issue with National consequences

Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Property Rights, Transparency

Charity Hearing Behind Closed Doors

Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Preservation, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 9-Jan-10
BREAKING: Streamlining Commission Orders Independent Analysis!

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 17-Nov-09
Video: Treasurer Kennedy's On The fiscal Realities Of The Proposed UMC Hospital

More than 26 neighborhood and community organizations Fiscal Responsibility

Call Speaker Jim Tucker! HCR 59 Pushed To Today - Tuesday June 21, 2011‏

Dear supporters,

Fiscal Responsibility 21-Jun-11
Action: Not too late! HCR 59 pushed to Tuesday June 21, 2011

Dear supporter,

Fiscal Responsibility 18-Jun-11
Greasing the Skids

Tomorrow, the Public Works Committee of the New Orleans City Council will consider the revocation of the streets in...

Planning 22-May-11
CPC to meet tomorrow April 12 - 1:30 PM to discuss revocation of streets

 The City of New Orleans has yet to revoke the public streets in the UMC Footprint - a legal step that is...

Planning 11-Apr-11
Senator Vitter Slams UMC, Calls for Retrofit of Charity Hospital

Even Senator Vitter thinks the UMC and State of Louisiana are acting imprudently by continuing to push forward with...

Fiscal Responsibility 11-Apr-11
Press Conference - Save McDonogh No. 11 - Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Back into Charity - Back on the Table
We've been saying it for years: LSU and the State of Louisiana should locate its teaching hospital in historic...
Health Care 14-Feb-11
The perfect example - of what could go drastically wrong with BioDistrict New Orleans

Have you seen this?

Planning 10-Feb-11
BioDistrict to present at Mid-City Neighborhood Organization Monday

An important meeting is happening tomorrow evening at Grace Episcopal Church. 

Planning 7-Feb-11
BioDistrict plan goes after Charity, envisions destruction of parts of Mid-City

"Will my house be a park?  Are they going to force me out?  Are they...

Planning 3-Feb-11
Things might not be going along quite as swimmingly as we thought

We've been watching the fallout since last Wednesday when Fiscal Responsibility

A Fishy Meeting...Hmmm...

On January 12, 2011, Jacobs Engineering held a meeting at the...

Transparency 20-Jan-11
National Media Piles On

Since our last post, a number of national media outlets have turned their attention to the harsh realities of the...

Transparency 9-Dec-10
Growing Scrutiny of the LSU/VA Hospitals Site

Various media sources and oversight bodies at the local, national and even international level have been...

Transparency 6-Dec-10
Is your neighborhood an "opportunity zone" in BioDistrict New Orleans? Meetings this week

The New Orleans BioDistrict is a massive, 1,500-acre site that stretches from the CBD to Carrollton Avenue, and it...

Planning 2-Nov-10
Questions, Questions, Questions

 Lately, some seem to be treating the proposed LSU/VA hospitals as a done deal.  But anyone involved in...

Fiscal Responsibility 1-Nov-10
October 29th, 2010 Press Conference and Rally

The Committee To Re-Open Charity will be holding a news conference and community rally at the Outer Banks...

Property Rights 27-Oct-10


Talkin' Charity Hospital at City Hall Tomorrow

That's right.  Tomorrow is your chance to tell policy-makers how to use Charity Hospital.

Planning 17-Oct-10
Advocates Call for Halt to Demolitions in UMC Footprint

On Monday, a large group of local advocates stood in front of a partially dismantled house in the footprint of the...

Fiscal Responsibility 14-Oct-10
Forum Tonight: Symbol of City's Black Heritage Threatened in the VA Hospital Site

The Louisiana Museum of African...

Racial & Economic Justice 12-Oct-10
Oct. 8 - City Council Finally Meeting Its Meeting Obligation

Come to the City Council...

Planning 7-Oct-10
Riveting Details Revealed - Save Charity Advocates Present Before City Council Committee

 On Wednesday, advocates for the re-opening, refurbishment, and restoration...

Transparency 28-Sep-10
Alert - City Council Committee to Hear Charity Hospital Presentation This Week

Thank you to all who have signed the petition and helped to gather more signatures.  We now have over 10,000...

Transparency 20-Sep-10
Charity Hospital Supporters March on City Hall in New Orleans

Hundreds of New Orleanians marched Thursday from the shuttered Charity Hospital building to City Hall.  The...

Preservation 3-Sep-10
March and Petition Rally - Thursday, September 2, 2010

Join the Treme, Hot 8, Free Agents, Original Pinstripe, and Young Pinstripe Brass Bands for a march from the Rev....

Preservation 1-Sep-10
Hate to say it

But we told you so.

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 13-May-10
Low Expectations

Yesterday, the City Council voted for an ordinance to close the streets of Lower Mid-City. They limited debate to a...

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 23-Apr-10
City lied about cost of demolishing Lower Mid-City

The Lens noticed a stunning admission...

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 20-Apr-10
LSU scaling back?

Earlier this month, Governor Bobby Jindal announced his first appointments to the governing board of the proposed $1...

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 26-Mar-10
Smart Growth calls for action

The following is a critical letter from Jack Davis and Bill Borah of Smart Growth for Louisiana:

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 19-Mar-10
Surprise, Surprise: Jindal appoints cronies to oversee hypothetical hospital

Earlier this week, Governor Bobby Jindal appointed four board members to govern the LSU half of the tragic LSU/VA&...

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 3-Mar-10
Big Business to Little Guy in Lower Mid-City: Drop Dead!

Yesterday, several big business organizations, some of which stand to make money off of the destruction of Lower Mid...

Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Health Care, Planning, Preservation, Property Rights, Racial & Economic Justice, Transparency 24-Feb-10
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